12 November 2016

blog asciidoc

Because I have resurrected this blog from the grave, and before I write anything else, I would like to explain what changed under the hood, and why.

A little of history of this blog

This blog is here since 24/05/2008, at this time I was using Textpattern. Textpattern is really a great blog (or anything else in fact) engine. It use PHP and a database where nearly everything is stored.

Then there was a pause in Textpattern development. So I switched to Wordpress. Wordpress is quite heavy for a really simple blog. I don’t really need more than 5% of what you can do in Wordpress. And because my hosting server was quite slow, it was a pain in the ass to browse the blog, needless to say that using admin console was a real nightmare.

And what about now ?

When I decided to use this blog again, I was searching for a real simple blog engine, with nearly no feature, apart from displaying page contents.

I have done a little research, and it seems that Textpattern is still alive, and quite well. But, because my favorite coding language is Java, I made a try to search for a small engine written in Java. In the past I have coded a small blog engine for a coworker using the play! framework, and I must admit this is a really good piece of software, but it is node dedicated to blog, you have to code everything to your liking. And I was really too lazy to do this task again.

And I found the holly grail for this task : JBake. In fact this is really better than using any language to make my blog run, and in fact, JBake is here only to generate static pages of this blog.

The fact that JBake is here to compile my blog, and generate static content is really great ! No more engine that is too slow ! No dynamic content ! I don’t care ! There is no need for that. I have lost commentary functionality, but this is really a small loss, that is no such a big deal.

Nice trick that can be done now :

Because JBake works exactly like a compiler, I store my blog input files (they are asciidoc encoded files) in my git repository, and because of that, I can use any tools that coder can use to manage my blog. I can edit files, commit them, and using Jenkins, the pages are generated automatically on git modifications detections. I can also great branches, but here I think this could be too much for a blog :p

Stay tune for the next article that makes me revive this blog.